Last week I returned to my office to retrieve items I “need” in order to do my job at home. Looking back, it’s a little surreal to think about and I’ve just now had the opportunity to look through what I deemed necessary. I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time, but here’s a list of items other than technology:

  1. a random, and heavy, collection of unrelated books that aren’t particularly helpful
  2. three picture books
  3. some partially-filled notebooks that don’t really support the work I’m doing now
  4. a year supply of neon-colored Post-Its in an awkward size
  5. a spool of correction tape: honestly for what?
  6. my desk calendar that is zero percent practical at home
  7. colored paper
  8. chart paper…FOR WHAT
  9. brightly colored folders that have razor sharp edges
  10. an embarrassing number of colored pens
  11. my current notebook for keeping notes (at least no all my wits were gone)
  12. two issues of Ed Leadership

This is such an odd assortment of items and they remind me very much of what I used to take out of the pockets of my son when he was 6. I’m not sure how the items connect and I really don’t remember thinking much about what I was throwing into my wagon. What I do remember is feeling unsettled.

The good news: after a week of working at home, I am feeling less unsettled and more hopeful. I’m seeing the good come out of the bad and I’m only every-so-often thinking about having to lug back all the books I brought home.


5 thoughts on “Things I Carried #SoL20

  1. LOL – You captured how I felt when I unpacked what I brought home from my 15-minute school visit last Monday. I brought home a couple of dry erase boards, why? I also brought some books that I don’t really need and forgot others, I would really like to have. In the grand scheme of things, it has all been working out with what I have at home. Good luck and stay well.

  2. We haven’t been allowed back in yet & it doesn’t look like we will be any time soon. I am worried about my plants 😦 By the time they let us back in, I hope I’ll have some sense of what I need. That said, your list fascinates me because it so obviously encapsulates a moment of transition to the unknown. You chose things that were useful, that you probably used almost daily and that helped you in moments of chaos. (At least that’s how *I* use chart paper, weird neon post-its and correction tape – but maybe I’m projecting.) And then there are the things that you value – books, books and more books – and the few things that actually fit with your new “normal.” But how could you have known? How could you possibly have chosen the “right” things? This list seems like a time capsule from the beginning of this moment – simultaneously near enough to be comprehensible and far enough to be unimaginable. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. You are lucky that you were able to go back into your classroom. I have been told we are not likely to be able to go back in until orders are lifted. I have nothing to teach at home other than lots and lots of books!

  4. Yes, absolutely! Although I’d have to add that even though all of these supplies may not be useful to you at home, they may be of comfort. I think we as teachers are hard-wired to get a physical response from office supplies. =)

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