Don’t start getting all judgy and scorn-eyed. Today’s outing was desperately needed by mom. She’s 80 and lives with me and my husband. We are fortunate enough to have a large house and she had the entire upstairs at her disposal…and she can still climb the stairs. Unfortunately today was a bad day for her and we started off a little crossways. After tempers had time to simmer, I offered to take her for a drive. She declined, but after I explained that her Rapunzel-state-of-mind was felt by all, she agreed. I helped her into the car and we headed off.

Living west of Houston in the suburbs, we are close to open expanses of fields and farmland and I love taking half a day to drive around the country. I’ve never taken my mom and for her today’s drive wasn’t about what she could see, but just getting out of the house. What I noticed during our drive was nothing in the country seemed different. The cows were still milling about ignoring the calls for social distancing. The turkey buzzards still congregated by the roadkill and the goats played merrily about in the field. Out in the country, it appears life is moving along at the same pace it always has.

And that’s just it, right? Regardless of what’s happening in our immediate bubble, life is still moving along Our perspectives are so narrowed by our own walls and the incessant bad news. Getting out and feeling some sense of normalcy was invigorating and gave me, and my mom, hope. For today, hope is a thing with hooves and beaks.


4 thoughts on “An Outing #SoL20

  1. This is so beautifully written. And then to wrap it up with a metaphor of hope is a thing with hooves and beaks! I noticed the other day, too, how things seem to be normal and oblivious to the fact that there is a deadly virus out there. Hope the normalcy of the drive today will last awhile!

  2. What a great last line – Emily Dickinson would be so pleased! I like, too, how you open. It does feel a little judgy and scorn-eyed these days, doesn’t it? But your outing sounds like just what you needed and your observations about nature are just what we all need: a little perspective. Hope comes in so many ways – hooves, beaks. an outing with a slightly out-of-temper mother, and this post.

  3. You nailed it with your last line. Thanks for this reminder. I’ll remember to treat myself to a nice long ride the next sunny day that comes along.

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