Wednesdays, I think, are hard. They don’t hold the promise of a new week ahead like Sundays and Monday nor do they grasp the thrill of end of the week like Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesdays aren’t even like Saturdays. Saturdays are the uncommitted siblings of Fridays and Sundays. No one has expectations of Saturdays; we enjoy them even though they’re fleeting.

But Wednesdays. Wednesdays are just hard.


4 thoughts on “Long Day #SoL20

  1. My kids like Wednesdays because they like saying “hump day” – but they are 9 and 11. I spent about half of today thinking it was Thursday which made it better – and then worse when I realized. But now Wednesday is over. It’s almost Thursday! You can make it – and you have that fancy big desk and great new sketchnoting abilities. You’ve got this!

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