I’m reading a new book right now, Fierce ,Free, and Full of Fire by Jen Hatmaker, and got to a part that really got me thinking about the labels we carry. By nature I’m an optimist – it’s a label I carry – but the last couple of weeks have really tested my Pollyana personality. In an effort to conjure up that label once more, I headed out on a walk looking for the good.

Woah did I find some good stuff! I had no idea so many people live in my neighborhood. This virus has kept us home and nervous, but tonight, for the first time, I saw people outside their houses. Kids were playing in the street-six feet apart. Parents set up chairs-six feet apart-and watched the kids playing in the street. People were riding bikes! People were walking dogs! People were stopping and chatting-six feet apart! NO ONE HAD THEIR PHONE OUT! I came home feeling more like myself than I have in days. Humanity for the win.

4 thoughts on “Other People Live Here? #SoL20

  1. Funny, I’ve had a similar experience. In my neighbourhood we often see other people, but we get into patterns where we see the same people all the time. Lately, my walks have shown me lots of new people – we smile from a distance, nodding as we separate ourselves. I’ve seen lots of families out, too and, now that the snow is melting, I expect to see more bikes. Our family’s bikes are nearly ready to go… just a few more days of melting & we’ll be off. I’ll smile at you from a distance!

  2. For sure! I’m lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where we’re already pretty close, but it’s great to see that come together even more – my favorite is how kids have been making encouraging pictures and taping them up on the front-facing windows of their houses as encouragement.

    Humanity for the win, indeed. =)

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