Step One: condition your body to the idea of yoga by wearing yoga pants consistently for two weeks. Sidenote: Generally Zoom conference calls only display the top half of your body.

Step Two: place yoga mat in plain sight – somewhere it’s easily seen as you pop on your second skin. Sidenote: tripping is a real hazard, place with caution.

Step Three: cue up Cosmic Kids (the Frozen edition) and let a toddler win the “who can do Frozen yoga the longest” contest. Sidenote: this YouTube video is no joke.

Step Four: scroll the Target app looking yoga pants in cheery colors and available for drive-up delivery. Sidenote: no one wants black yoga pants and everyone wants cheery colored yoga pants.

Step Five: commit to 10 minutes of yoga per day…starting tomorrow. Sidenote: I’m not doing yoga tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Yoga #SoL20

  1. Good evening bookend posting buddy! Thank you for this cheeky post about yoga (sidenote: truly about yoga pants). Your comic timing is spot on, and this is the type of slice I like to end the night with… ahem, seeing that I’m in yoga pants and have done no such thing.

  2. YES! I could not agree more here. The pleasure of being comfortable in my fitness clothes all day, every day, has been one of the most delightful things about working from home.

    What can I say? You had me at yoga pants. =)

    1. I know. I keep seeing all these pics of people starting new hobbies and I’m over here looking through Netflix series. 😖

  3. This was a clever piece! I love the honesty and topic. Yoga has helped me in so many ways, but I am just as comfortable (or more so) in sweat pants and a t-shirt. Haha. I hope you can give it a try in purple pants!

  4. Hahaha – This was a riot. Sidenote: I laughed out loud at the last line. Also, I guess I need to check out Cosmic Kids yoga – though my boys rarely tolerate anything “Frozen” related, I secretly kind of like it.

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