Big desk perils are a real thing. I’d like to say that the items strewn about it are not mine. I’d like to say that some beretless culprit carelessly cast aside their pilates loop on their way to something very important. But alas, these items are mine; they probably deserve some explanation. Right now I am working to support teachers in my district as we move to distance learning and these are the tools I am using:

 The Pilates loop is how I workout my batwings while on conference calls. It also serves as a really great tool to release some pent-up frustrations. The longer the oval, the more stress I am relieving. There have been some points this week that the circle allllmost became a line. 

The beret is my thinking cap. Obviously I don't wear it all day long because that would be ridiculous, but when I really need to generate ideas, I don it. I also have worn it to Zoom meetings. Sometimes we need a little laugh and a raspberry beret or a green wig (like one of my coworkers recently wore) fits the bill (get it...fits the on a hat?).

The headphones are to drown out the other conversations in the house. Evidently my husband communicates with a population very hard of hearing and my mother (who lives with us) IS hard of hearing. The added benefit is that when I wear them, the others think I'm on a call and don't talk to me. I wear them most of the day.

I’m really enjoying the big desk life and all the new things I’m learning about myself and this life.

6 thoughts on “The Perils of a Big Desk #SoL20

  1. So fun! I love the thinking beret but the best part is wearing your headphones and everyone avoids disturbing you because they think you are on a call.

  2. I love the whimsical nature of your post. If you could see my desk, you would be appalled! I love that you wear headphones to get some time for you. I wonder if that would work for me…

  3. I love the beret – I bet it’s great for thinking & laughing. I once wore a Viking hat to work: it definitely made a difference! Also, I think perhaps I need to find out about the Pilates loop if it works for batwings! Your post makes me wonder what next week will be like when we are done with our week of March break.

  4. I’m delighted to find your blog. I mean, headphones, a Pilates loop , AND a beret!? You are all set for the “big desk life.” Love your tone and voice throughout this piece.

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