Today I moved into my new office. We used to call it the dining room. What I love about this new office space is the nice view of the street, easy access to the local coffee shop, and one of my favorite eating establishments is within walking distance.

My new desk is quite large; I’ve actually had 12 people sitting around it at once, so I knew it would easily hold all the accouterments from my former office. But on my first day in this new office, I took advantage of the large new desk. For the love of beverages, look at all those vessels of hydration. Each one of them tells a story.

The coffee cup was how I started my day.  Upon crawling out of bed from a fitful sleep, hubs placed it, steaming, in my hands. 

The blue Yeti, filled with water, lemon wedges, and a dash of salt, was consumed alongside the coffee. I know not the ideal hydration format, but these are trying times. I had a run scheduled for today, so those electrolytes were as important as the act of running.

The Pellegrino was my midday pick-me-up. The bubbles make me happy and help propel me through a busy afternoon.

The iced coffee (decaf) was my afternoon treat; it tastes so decadent, but without the guilt.

The pink cup was the ending of another day. Filled with filtered water, this one cleanses and preps me for another tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another opportunity to stay hydrated. Tomorrow is another opportunity to see the silver lining in this new life.

6 thoughts on “New Office #SoL20

  1. I actually thought you were moving to a new office until I read more of your post. Love the location close to your fav eating establishments. That’s what gets me in trouble when I try to work.

  2. Your new office is quite amazing. Only the most important people get desks that big. And it sounds as though your assistant is very good at anticipating your hydration needs. Not to mention that you get time in your workday for exercise. In fact, this sounds like a nearly perfect place to work. 🙂

  3. I enjoy how the desk is personified as the main character with hydration “friends” in this blog. I hope you will update with more transformations of your new office as we navigate this social distancing #lockdown. I mean will there be any guest appearances? Will your desk witness a neighbor crime from the “rear window”? Maybe this reading teacher is confusing reality with fiction, but I’m tuning in to see what unfolds. #keepitcoming

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