Okay, today is actually the first day of extended Spring Break in my district. This morning I woke up and realized I really should be working on something. So I headed to my home office which is actually my kitchen table. I opened my laptop, saw some hilarious memes and gifs on Twitter and poured another cup of coffee. Two hours later I came out of my Twitter hole to find time had passed and I was extremely unproductive. At the same time, I noticed the sidewalk was literally covered up with oak tree fuzzies. Obviously I had to take a break and sweep the walkway; I’m not expecting visitors, but just in case.

Sweeping worked up a tummy rumble so I headed to the kitchen to scrounge up lunch. Lunch was followed by watching Penny Kittle and Kelly Gallagher on YouTube and pondering the state of my notebook. That was followed by a quick Amazon shopping trip in search of a new notebook. Now it’s 3:37 and I realize how unproductive my day has been. I’ve seen the lists of activities people are posting on Twitter and FaceBook and really thought they were for the children. Except I actually am going to need one. I crave the structure of a workday and this willy-nilly work in your yoga pants (to be totally transparent, I just wear them) is not going to work out for me (see what I did there?).

Tonight I plan on doing a brain dump of all the things I need and want to work on and create some sort of structure out of the chaos. I’m pretty sure I have some available time to figure all this out.

5 thoughts on “Structure #SoL20

  1. I’ve decided to be gentle with myself (and the kids – ok, really, with the kids). We have a lot of time ahead of us & we will establish a routine. If we need a few days spent in yoga pants at the computer before we settle in, well, that’s just how it’s going to be. I’m betting you come up with a good plan pretty quickly – can’t wait to hear how productive you are soon.

  2. Well, if it’s not Twitter, then it’s reading and commenting on slices. I think I’m in need os some structure too. All things in good time.

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