I’m not one to wish away a day. I understand the time we have NOW is precious and I am thankful for every single most moments. This morning was similar to the rest this week except I woke up remembering I’m having dinner with my two besties since junior high tonight. All day long I’ve found myself checking the time. It’s as if my day is driven by how many more hours until I get to see them again.

It seems a little ridiculous because we see each other about once a month, but being with them feels like the end of a long day of work when you come home, unsnap your bra, and slip into your comfiest house dress. The conversation is easy, familiar, and there is no need for pretense.

Tonight’s dinner, holding the unspent promises of the day, was like all our others with conversations moving from one topic to another with the ease of a trained yogi. How I treasure these moments of pure and true friendship.

3 thoughts on “Old Friends #SoL20

  1. This is so lovely, especially the part about coming home and unsnapping your bra! I also loved the line “holding the unspent promises of the day”. I too, cherish my time spent with old friends.

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