As I reflect on this month of blogging, I have to say I’m proud of myself. My blogs weren’t anything newsworthy, but I made a commitment and I followed through. That’s a big deal for me because often (most) (always) I throw myself into something and give it 100% until I quit about a week in.

For example, diets, healthy eating habits, barre (which, by the way, I LOVE but the classes are soooo late-I’m ready to pass out without physical exertion by 8:00), crafts of all sorts, you name it, I’ve probably tried it for a week. But writing, this commitment I made to myself was important. Like all of you, I’m busy, but I loved participating in this challenge and seeing it through.

I’m going to continue blogging, probably not everyday and I’ll be checking my feeds to see if my new writing friends are blogging, too! Thanks for all the support, Friends!



3 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe It!

  1. It feels great to fulfill a commitment–especially a commitment that lasted 31 days. Some days were tougher than others…Congratulations for being able to take this one to the end!

  2. Congratulations! It does feel awesome to think that we saw the whole thing through. Some days were definitely tougher than others, but I share your sentiment that finding new friends who also love to write has been the joy through the struggle!

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