Guys, does anyone have any idea why Day 30 is sooooo much harder than days 2-28? I have gone back to my idea generating notebookS (notice the plural), read other posts for ideas, and watched the world around me,meet I can’t seem to find the ideas to inspire me to write. I thought Day 30 would be easy as pie (get it…is served in slices) but it’s just hard.

This day leaves me wondering what about students in our classes who show up for 45 minutes and they just can’t find the ideas to write about-I totally get it now. I’ve had over 12 hours to find a worthy topic and its evaded me. Maybe the writer’s block, once in a while, is okay and maybe our students need to know that and learn how to embrace it and push through.

Good talk, guys!image


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Such an important reminder!
    As we’ve written this month, I’ve been especially tuned into how it all relates to what we ask of our kids.
    While I haven’t hit Writer’s Block yet, I credit it to the fact that we do have free choice. The forced creativity of prompted writing can be stifling.

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