I’m watching basketball. I don’t really like basketball. But, I’m watching because Texas A&M is playing. I’m not really watching because they’re playing. They’ve played many times before-obviously. I’m watching because they are a testament to a growth-mindset.

Sunday night my son (Aggie alum) and husband gave up on the game when they were many points behind. Just before bed, I was looking for a recipe on Facebook and saw a post about overtime. I don’t know much about basketball, but I do know overtime means they caught up. Husband turned the game back on and it wasn’t  long before the Ags came through.

Guys, they did not give up. They were pretty far behind, but they didn’t let the score dictate their caliber of play. They persevered and they won. Can you imagine the amount of positive self-talk that was happening on that court? Anyway, I’m watching and hoping for another win.




2 thoughts on “Those Aggies

  1. I am watching too! I am watching because Villanova is playing, and they are a local favorite. I went to elementary school with one the dad of one of the players. It brings back lots of memories of 8th grade.

  2. “They did not give up. They persevered and they won.” Incredible experience to support the growth mindset. I love watching basketball, but haven’t slowed down enough to watch any this year.

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