It’s Spring in Texas, y’all. That means sunny skies, temps in the 80’s and dresses! I love dresses. They’re easy to wear and cause few pantyline worries. Today I wore a super cute, swingy dress I bought several weeks ago. I love this dress because it’s made of t-shirt material and super comfortable, but somehow looks professional – it’s the PERFECT dress. Unless it’s windy.

Wind is common on the coast, but I am 60 miles from the coast. Typically, it’s not windy in the suburbs and it wasn’t windy when I left for school this morning. It wasn’t windy when I walked into the building and it wasn’t windy at 8:00 a.m. when I walked from my “educational cottage” into the building. However (full stop for dramatic effect). When I came back out, in a hurry as usual, it was super windy and it was a passing period. That means I was headed out the doors while 48 seventh graders were headed in. We crossed paths in the middle of the paved area and that’s when the wind pick up. And by picked up, I mean it started to gust and it picked up my dress. I panicked. My hands immediately swatted down the wayward material in the front and the back of my body. The water in the glass I was holding was dripping from the back bottom of my dress and my calendar and the various papers, notes, and stickies it holds were strewn across the pavement. I am fairly certain that this spectacle did not go unnoticed. I’m just hoping I don’t end up on a meme.



11 thoughts on “The Day I Scarred Seventh Graders

  1. Oh. I have been there, where everything seems to happen in slow motion and you try to grow three more sets of arms to stop what is happening. At least the dress is comfy! 😉

  2. This had me lol-ing! The description was perfect, and I must say the title drew me in immediately! Hahaha! I wear compression or tight running shorts under my dresses because my fear of this exact situation (except I teach juniors–yikes!) terrifies me!!

  3. We had major wind today too. Fortunately I was wearing pants. Hope your days become more dress friendly the rest of the year. Wonder what the topic at the dinner table was for those kids. 🙂

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