This isn’t the blog I intended for today. Today’s blog was supposed to be about my smoothie diet and accompanying snack but I didn’t realize when I wrote it on my computer it wouldn’t automatically show up on my IPad. So, sweet reader, you will have to wait for tomorrow to read that masterpiece.

On my way to pick up my grandbaby this afternoon, the flat tire light came on in my car. I dutifully pulled over and walked around the car checking the tires. All four seemed to look round and in tact. I hopped back in, called hubs to report the flat tire false alarm and sped off. I didn’t think about it again until husband got home from work and asked for my keys. I reminded him about the flat tire indicator and continued to make dinner. I watched him measure the air in the tires and add air in the two front ones. Then I looked away-probably to pour a glass of wine for myself. I didn’t realize he had driven off until dinner was finished and he didn’t come running.

When he returned he put my keys back where he found them and dished himself some delicious quinoa. As I was putting the dishes away my car shimmered under the garage light and I realized where my sweet man had gone. My car was clean and full of gas! This, friends, is love.



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