Today’s post is inspired by this one from elsie tries writing. Soundtrack of a place:

I found a few quiet minutes on the back porch of my in-laws house today. They live on a small lake or large pond-I’m not sure  of the appropriate term, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I intentionally sat down to listen. The soundtrack in my head (totally a riff on the “story in my head” because I’m a Brene Brown devotee) told me I needed to be working on planning for SSI, but I ignored it. Instead I listened to what was going on right in front of me.

The melody of the outdoors was carried by the songs of the sparrows, wrens, cardinals, and nuthatches; each played a different note. The percussion was taken care of by a pair of red-headed woodpeckers intent on getting the goods from an old oak tree. The crickets chimed in, but their solos were drowned out by the rumble of the traffic from a nearby road. Even a small town has its share of traffic noise in the late afternoon.

Listening harder, I heard a plane flying up high overhead, the splashing of the water on the pier and the sounds of my husband casting his fishing line. I was transfixed as I just sat still and listened. I felt like I had developed some sort of auditory superpowers which came in useful when I heard someone inside the house rustling the paper bag full of fried pies. I must admit, after my bout of listening, I felt refreshed-probably the lemon fried pie helped, too, but let’s go with the listening.



3 thoughts on “Auditory Superpowers

  1. Love all of your description. I tried something similar last week when my husband was in the hospital. It was an amazing experience to simply close my eyes and listen to sounds.

  2. Love the way you connected the sounds to music. Isn’t it amazing all the sounds that are just in the background during daily life, but they become bigger when you just listen. Had to laugh at the sound of the paper rustling caught your attention.

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