My husband’s parents live about five hours away and we don’t get to see the very often. He took off today and tomorrow so we could make a short trip before he gets really busy at work. He’s not a fan of long car rides which is one of the reasons we don’t go see them very often. I, on the other hand, LOVE long car rides. My drive to work is takes about seven minutes. I usually listen to a book on the Audible app because there are no commercials and it’s calming to me. But on long car rides, the musical genius in me is unleashed. The car turns into an enclosed karaoke club-minus the alcoholic beverages primarily because it’s illegal.

The invention of the satellite radio has been life changing for me. I am no longer bound by the local radio channels. I now have hundreds of options before me and I take advantage of all of them. I know the words to so so so many songs and I know some of the words to even more songs. My theory on car karaoke is that if you sing louder than the music coming out of the speakers, no one will know if you’re free-styling the lyrics.

Today’s ride was awesome-as we zoomed past patches of bright blue bluebonnets, I belted out Believe (I know about half the words because Cher sometimes mumbles). As we puttered behind a truck hauling logs, I did one of my best renditions of Hotel California. Then Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers came on with that timeless duet-Islands in the Stream. I begged hubs to take on the Kenny part of the song. He did-for the first stanza but gave up. I had to sing both parts. I asked him on our loo stop why he quit. He said he didn’t know the words. I pointed out that I don’t always know all the words to the songs I sing at the top of my lungs. His side-eye response? “I know…”

No worries, my virtual friends, I’ve been getting side-eye responses for over 25 years-that won’t stop me from enjoying a little more free -style car karaoke on our way home Saturday!



7 thoughts on “Car Karaoke

  1. Sing away! There’s nothing better than a little singing in the car. My singing is reserved for when I’m driving, because if he’s driving, I’m probably reading. That’s why I love road trips, I get uninterrupted reading time.

  2. I love how you embrace it! What a fun way to enjoy a trip. My three girls and I love to sing in the car, especially musicals!

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