I was feeling sorry for myself today. I had to go run errands alone and while that’s okay sometimes, I really wanted an errand partner. Someone to talk me into a Starbucks for sustenance and a quick stop at Loft. But today no one was around to go with me. There was no Starbucks (I’ll never get to gold by April at this rate) and there was no stop at Loft (probably not going to spend that Loft cash by the 20th). Instead, it was a trip to the grocery sure. Alone. I was debating whether or not to splurge on the Cara Cara oranges when something on my shoulder caught my eye. My first inclination was to swipe at it, but thank goodness I have new glasses and can’t see a thing.

This little guy imagecame in on my shoulder and rode on my list through the vegetables. Before I ventured too far into the store, I decided I needed to nip out and set him free. I was feeling better about my solo shopping trip and I didn’t want him to meet an untimely demise. He made sure I wasn’t shopping alone.




3 thoughts on “Ridin’ Solo

  1. Oh how sweet. What a beautiful slice. In my mind this post is an exemplary example of connecting the everyday to paper. Thank you.

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