The smell lingered, y’all. With temps in the mid 80’s this weekend, that smell from earlier in the week just wouldn’t dissipate. You know that commercial for Febreeze that talks about being nose blind? That’s not a real thing.

Saturday morning we decided it was time to hunt down the smell. We set about madly sniffing. Our noses hit every air vent, every wall until FINALLY we found the source of the noxious odor.

Some hapless creature must have fallen down the chimney flu and met its demise. Once we opened the flu, the smell nearly knocked us off our feet. We tried to locate the body, but chimneys are more complicated than they seem from the outside. Instead, we did what we had to do. It was 80 degrees outdoors and the Andersons enjoyed a beautiful fire in their fireplace for a couple of hours.



2 thoughts on “Something Doesn’t Smell Right (Part II)

  1. Thank goodness you found the source! I bet you were the talk of the neighborhood having a fire when it was so warm. Did you make s’mores to celebrate the discovery? 🙂

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