potatoMy daughter, a senior education major at Texas A&M, texted me this photo today. It’s a potato. Each student in her methods class was given a potato with instructions to write a description of their potato. Descriptions were written on index cards which the professor collected, shuffled, and passed out. The students were expected to match the index card they¬†received with the appropriate potato. Evidently some students were not as descriptive as others and the task proved to be quite difficult.

I’ve done something similar, but with a shell. Let’s face it, shells are not all that difficult to describe. But a potato – that’s hard. So here’s my attempt at describing the potato in the photograph:

My potato is oval and about the length of three binder clips. The most obvious physical characteristic my potato possesses is three very obvious eyes. One eye, deep and dark, is on the left side of the potato. The other two eyes on the right side of the potato with the third eye below and to the right of the second eye. The third eye is most unusual because if you look closely at it, it almost looks like a combination of two or three eyes. The most unique property of this potato is the scrape just to the right of the second eye. The scrape has opened the flesh a little so a peek-a-boo of ivory root is showing. There are several brown pits, although not as deep as the eye, on my potato. The rest of the skin of the potato looks like alligator skin – a little cracked, but nothing a little olive oil can’t fix right up.

My takeaway from this is describing a potato IS hard, but it’s a pretty good way to exercise those writing muscles.



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