Okay, it’s only DAY 3 of SOL and I’ve already learned something super valuable. Feedback is the BEST motivator. Seriously, I know the importance of feedback. I understand why we use it to coach our students through their writing, but holy smokes, I’ve become a feedback junkie. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check my blog to read new pieces of treasured feedback. I suspect I would have been disappointed if nothing new had been added last night. The feedback matters.

Feedback is the BEST motivator.

I couldn’t believe the wonderfully perfect feedback I got from my short and tentative post on Monday. I read each comment and with every one I could feel myself becoming more confident as a writer. What I noticed about the feedback was not one single comment was generic. No one said “great job” and moved on. Instead, the feedback was specific to my writing or the topic. The feedback is what propelled me to write again yesterday and really commit to the challenge.

Why does the feedback matter so much? Because it makes me feel like my writing is valued. Other people, people I don’t even know, are taking time from their busy lives to read a little about mine and not only are they reading about mine, but taking that extra time to provide me with a slice of encouragement. That makes me feel what I have to say is important.

Here’s my take-away: we have to teach our students WHY feedback matters before we teach them how to give it and how to use it.  Thank you, my fellow slicers, for your feedback that is helping to grow the writer inside of me!



7 thoughts on “Feedback Junkie

  1. I couldn’t agree with your more. I am a newbie at this, and I too have become a feedback junkie. I love that you worded it that way, because it is the drug that runs through my veins, making me feel all warm and fuzzy. It has given me the energy to try it again, regardless of how hard it really is. Thank you for the reminder that we all, not matter how small, need the feedback to propel ourselves forward. Bearing our souls is not such an easy task. Without the feedback it would be dreadful
    Thank you for your post and your reminder.

  2. You’re so right, feedback is so important, and as you said, teaching students *why it’s important is even better for them. I also get so excited with each new comment, and especially posts that I’ve written that take a lot of vulnerability – you just want to know your ideas are accepted. Thanks for this this great post!

  3. Feedback, for a newbie, is what is keeping me going. I check my blog multiple times a day, wondering what people thought. I took a risk with the post for today, and I have only had one page view today! So of course, I’ve already re-written it in my head twice. I have wondered what kids think of feedback – what a great conversation to have with them.

  4. I agree with you!!!!! This is my first time “slicing” and I find myself checking to see if I have any comments often. 🙂 As for my kiddos…. I LOVE watching their little smiles when we sit across from or next to each other during our writing conferences. They soak it all up!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. You are so right about feedback. This challenge was what gave me the confidence to continue as a writer, when I first did the challenge four years ago. Or was it three? May you find encouragement daily to keep writing.

  6. I so agree that feedback is a huge motivator! I have been amazed that people actually read my posts! It is very exciting.

    I really like your writing style! My favorite line was “providing me with a slice of encouragement.” Nice.

  7. Thanks for posting this.You figured out a great takeaway: we have to teach students WHY feedback matters before we teach them to provide it to their peers. Now…I have a great takeaway from your post! I am on day three of my first SOLSC and am realizing how motivating the specific feedback can be.

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