I was honestly terrified of this writing challenge. When I signed up I found myself in a struggle with what portion of my mundane life I would share with “the world” <insert chime-like, echoey bong>. I was tempted to back out. I came up with a variety of legitimate reasons:

  • my knee hurts so concentrating is difficult
  • House of Cards is starting soon and I’ll be too distracted
  • publishing your writing is haaaard and scary
  • I have dinner to cook, books to read, the list of excuses is endless and ridiculous.

But I didn’t talk myself out of it. Instead, I decided to change the title of my blog because this writing, while published for all to see, is really just for me. I can do this. I can share a piece of my day and be at my sassiest or be at wit’s end-but in the end, it’s for me.

So, that’s how ended up here, writing my first SOL blog post while standing in line waiting to exercise my right to vote. Because life is about choices and I choose this challenge. Go me and GO YOU!




13 thoughts on “SOL with Trepidation

  1. I am excited to read what you write this month, so thank you for not backing out! This is my first year as well. I am trying to decide if I need to set an alarm or something to make sure I get my posts in!

  2. Good for you! I’m SO GLAD you took the plunge. You won’t regret writing for yourself and sharing it with others.

    I write about mundane stuff all of the time. In fact, that’s the essence of slicing!

    Welcome, Nina.

  3. I felt the same way last year – my first year. This process is so empowering. And, what you will soon realize is that it’s the daily writing that does it – not everything you write needs to be perfect. You just need to write.

  4. Fear will give way to joy very quickly. At first it’s shocking to realize there are readers out there waiting for your words. But there are, so keep writing.

  5. Hooray…you made it through Day 1 and so did I. Like you, I am a first-time “slicer” and I’m determined to do this. I love the title of your blog and share the sentiment. It is good to remember that this challenge is “just write” for anyone who wants to commit to writing. I’ll look forward to your future posts.

  6. I love the title of your blog and your connection to voting and participating in the 2016 SOL. So glad you took the plunge. Can’t wait to read your thoughts this month! Your insert echoey-bong line made me grin!

  7. We all have excuses, but remember the reason for writing: writing for you. Let the fear subside — I mean, look at all this comment love! — the comments will fuel the writing will fuel the stories will fuel the writing … you get what I’m trying to say here? Love that you are jumping in! Enjoy the journey!

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