In my last post I wrote about a reading contest we are having at school. Clearly I was a little stressed about how many pages I was reading as compared to my counterparts. On Friday, Texas was closed because it was really cold and I found myself with some free time. I decided to read and it was during that decision-making process, I determined that I read way more than my school-tallied pages indicate.

So throughout the day, I kept track of everything I read. Here’s the outcome in no particular order:

* Emails
* More magazine
* The Wheat Belly Diet Cookbook
* Threads from my online class
* Assignments from my online class
* The Literature Review
* Links from Pinterest
* Text messages
* Facebook posts
* Twitter
* Posts from links on Twitter
* Online news articles
* Online weather reports
* Inferno
* Grain Brain
* Falling in Love with Close Reading

That’s a pretty lengthy list of things I read. As I reflect over those items, I know that each item was read with a different “lens” (thanks to Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts for coining that term). There were some emails I combed through and others I just glanced at before deleting. Likewise, there were articles in that More magazine that I didn’t give more than a cursory look. However, when I read the first two chapters of The Literature Review, you can bet I was paying close attention. The point is, I READ and spent time with each of the items I listed; just because they weren’t my independent reading novel (which, by the way, is Inferno), doesn’t mean they were less worthy of my time.


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