I was talking with my coworkers about ways we could get our students more engaged in outside reading. We already do things like book talks, talk about what we’re reading and view trailers, but we are still meeting some resistance. Somehow the idea of a friendly competition came up. A competition between classes. “This will be fun to watch,” I thought smugly. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I love a healthy competition.

It was about 15 seconds later that one of those sweet teachers challenged the rest of us. “Hey guys,” her voice was like honey, “why don’t we have our own contest? Let’s see who can read the most pages on a weekly basis!” Seriously? I cannot turn down a challenge and I am, although no one would suspect it, rather competitive. Challenge accepted.

Fast forward about six days. I’m really stressed. On day one of the challenge, the honey-tongued teacher was wearing a 95 on her ID badge. I quickly realized that was the number of pages she read the day before. Her 95 definitely beat my seven. Later, I learned one of the other teachers in this contest reads at every given moment at home – so much so, her husband has noticed! Clearly it’s time to ramp up my game. The trouble is sometimes I get distracted or my breathing lulls me to sleep.

So here’s my plan. I am going to read. It’s a solid plan. I hope.


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